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Took a time out to make an entry for our woodturning guild's annual competition. Very pleased with the result - won best in show.
2015_WGObestinshow It's fully functional, all parts made on my lathe.
I'm surprised how much wood it took  to make it.

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A new tool for Lacemakers:
I now make a combination tool which includes a crochet hook, pin pusher and pin puller in one, easy to use tool.
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"Capture" bobbin is finally out of the prototype stage!

See these on the products page (here) - at the bottom of the page.

This bobbin has a slightly shortened "Maple Leaf" bobbin hande with internal, lead free pewter weight. Neck has a hole to hold the wire end, preventing slipping or uncoiling. Neck diameter larger than standard bobbins to minimize possible wire damage when winding.  The Capture Bobbin can be wound left or right handed as the head is made with mirror image sides.

- Designed 'from the ground up' to be a wire, metallic thread or large
   diameter thread bobbin.
- 'Palm' length, 102mm (4") long, comfortable to hold while holding wire
   or thread while tensioning.
- Hole through the neck for easy winding.
- Head design makes catching adjacent wires / threads almost impossible.
- Works identically, wound left or right handed.
- Internal lead free pewter weight helps to tension wire / thread.

Another use:
Lacemakers with hand or finger disabilities that make bobbin slip knots difficult to work with can continue to make lace comfortably by using this bobbin.

Announcements & Information

Welcome to my web site. I have published this site to inform my clients and would be clients about the woodturning that I make.
I have started to include information about how my woodturning items are made and will continue to add more as time permits.

Photography is not great - working on improvements.

New video, posted on YouTube:
"Turning a Mapleleaf Style Lace Bobbin"
Link: Turning a Mapleleaf Style Lace Bobbin
The video is a slightly edited version of me making one of my bobbins.
Posted to answer some of the questions I get that the text/still photo version on this web site (see link at the bottom of the 'Products' page) cannot describe.