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Bobbin Carousel for Lacemakers:

Bobbin Carousel empty I now make a "Bobbin Carousel" that will hold up to 72 wound bobbin pairs.
Top can spin freely, finding the right pair is simple.
Bobbins are easily accessible even when the carousel is full.
Carousel will not tip over if loaded only on one side with heavy bobbins.
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ace Accessories' section for further details.


"Double Wind" bobbin

     Double Wind vs std

See these on the bobbins page (here)
Photo compares the large (double wind) bobbin with the standard Maple Leaf bobbin.
This bobbin, only 1/4" (6mm) longer & 3mm (1/8") thicker than the standard double head bobbin will hold twice as much thread.
    The handle is virtually the same size as the standard bobbin, so works almost the same.
    Available in domestic wood species only.


Announcements & Information

Lace events:
Gore Bay, Manitoulin Island
Lace Camp, July 10 = 16, 2016
A great get together!
 It was good to see all the familiar and friendly faces again.

You Tube video:
"Turning a Mapleleaf Style Lace Bobbin"
Link: Turning a Mapleleaf Style Lace Bobbin
The video is a slightly edited version of how my bobbins are hand made.