Professionally designed, hand crafted woodturning

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About Me

After being employed as a Designer in the electronics industry for over 35 years, I eagerly took an opportunity to retire early to turn my spare time 'escape' into a full time activity.

The skills developed over many years designing in industry I now employ in my studio, and challenges presented by my customers are never in short supply.

Fibre arts tools for lacemakers, embroiderers and braiders occupy more than half of my woodshop time. Most of these are of my own design, or an adapation of traditional designs.

The design and production of custom turnings for individuals and businesses keeps everything interesting.


Q: What do you keep in stock?
A: Most of the common lacemaking bobbins, tools, bobbin hangers and accessories .
      For embroiderers; laying tools, courrone sticks, half and full cones.
      For braiders Marudai tables and Tama.

Q: What is your normal wait time for non stock items?
A: For products made on a continuing basis, normal delivery time is between one and three weeks.

Q: I have a table / chair / other furniure with a broken spindle. Can you make a replacement?
A: Yes, but I must have the full broken spindle or a remaining 'good' spindle to copy. I often turn
       such components for furniture restorers and DIY crafters.
Q: I have an antique spinning wheel, can you make replacement turned parts?
A: Yes, but I may recommend not fully repairing a wheel that cannot be made fully functional.

Q: I need to replace porch railing spindles, can you make these?
A: Yes, can copy from a sample, as long as the maximum length is less than 970mm (38").

Q: Do you make bowls?
A: Yes, but not many, only if you wish to have one made from a 'favourite' tree that has been felled.
       Note: it may take some months to complete as the wood must be dry before finishing is applied.