Professionally designed, hand crafted woodturning




     254mm (10") diameter
     305mm (12") diameter
            Both mirror sizes have a well of the same size and shape for optimum performance.
 The two piece legs can be used individually or connected together.
          Used individually they make a table that is 305mm (12") tall or 405mm (16") tall.
          Connected together they make a table that is 610mm 24" tall.

    (click on image for full size photo)
 Braiding table is made entirely of Hard Maple (Acer saccharum),
                   ideal for strength, durability and ultra smooth surfaces.

 Table is made with three legs, only one leg faces the braider, so base can be used as a footrest.
 Two piece legs are are fully turned to a pleasing shape.

 Penetrating, hard oil finish applied to all parts. Finish will not stain threads.
 All of the connecting hardware is made of steel and brass for strength and durability.

 Assembly and disassembly is straight forward and requires only a coin or simple screwdriver.
 Entire table can be stored flat in a 14" x 14" x 4" (350mm x 350mm x 100mm) box or bag.
 Three screws and three washers are the only loose hardware which can be securely stored
   by fitting them into the leg ends.

  The shape of the well (Hekomi) and central hole (Kagami no ana) have been calculated for best braiding performance.
  Many thanks to Sarah Symons who did the mathematical calculations and testing for the Hekomi / Kagami no ana design.


 New Tama design coming soon....

        Fixed weight, two models; 25 - 75 grams  and 45 - 100 grams

Prices & Shipping Costs   (in Canadian dollars)

  To order, simply Emailme with your list and I will reply with a quote.
    Payment methods:
            Canada: e-transfer or Paypal
            USA & other countries: Paypal

 10 inch (254mm) Marudai table:   $ 150.00 each

  12 inch (305mm) Marudai table:    $ 170.00 each

  10 inch (254mm) Mirror only:        $ 60.00 each

  12 inch (305mm) Mirror only:        $ 80.00 each

   TAMA: (coming soon)
Tama, 25 - 75 grams:     $9.00 each
  Tama, 45 - 100 grams:  $ 9.00 each

  Packaging & Shipping by parcel post:

  Anywhere in Canada or continental USA:

    Complete Marudai table:  $ 30.00

     12 Tama, separately:       $ 20.00
     24 Tama, separately:       $ 25.00

  Adding Tama to a Marudai table shipment:  Per dozen Tama:   $ 6.00

  International shipments quoted separately