Professionally designed, hand crafted woodturning

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Custom Turning

Size limits:

Maximum length:               970mm (38")
Maximum diameter:          300mm (12")
Maximum blank weight:    20kg (45lb)

Product Design:
Full product design service for single or multiple piece articles is available.

Copying furniture / railing spindles:
Only need to provide a complete piece to replicate.
Accurate, dimensioned drawings are also acceptable.
For further information or a quote on your requirements     Email Me

Other Stuff

Tool Handles:
   Small or large quantities of most wood species.
   Handles can be designed in house to fit the tool, it's exact function and ergonomic requirements.

Indian Clubs:
   Sizes from 500gm (1 lb) to 1kg (2 lb).

Persian Meels:
    15kg (35lb) maximum weight.

   Custom turned boxes for specific jewelry pieces or to store valuables.

    Available when the right tree falls my way...