Professionally designed, hand crafted woodturning

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  • All spoons are made of American Black Cherry (Prunus serotina).

  • Food safe, penetrating oil finish applied, 2 coats.

"Pot Hugger" design is copyrighted. Permission required for any replication of images or items.

Each photo below is of a different spoon to show colour range.

Pot Hugger Spoons:

 - Square end and side profile quickly clears attached food from pot sides and bottom.
 - Handle includes a collar for drip free and slip free use.
 - Flat across tip for effective clearing of pot bottoms and emptying cans.
 - 'Corners' of spoon tip slightly rounded to fit into corners of pots.
 - Generous size 'bowl' in spoon.

12" (30cm) long;
30cm pot hugger spoon
30cm pot hugger side view

10" (25cm) long;
25cm pot hugger
25cm pot hugger side view

Oval Spoons:

 - Elongated oval shape has more contact with food being stirred, reducing stirring time.
 - Handle includes a collar for drip free and slip free use.
 - Large diameter tip and sides maximize contact on sides and bottom of mixing bowls.

12" (30cm) long;
30cm oval spoon
30cm oval spoon side view

10" (25cm) long;
25cm oval spoon two views
  Photo above shows colour change after exposure to UV (sunlight) for 24 hours.

    These spoons require little care;
     - Hand wash after use in any dishwashing liquid, dry immediately.
     - If the end of the spoon is "dry" or worn, rub in some mineral oil.


Prices & Delivery:
NOTE: Deliver time may be up to four weeks if spoons are temporarily out of stock.

Prices: (Canadian Dollars):   All spoons: $ 18.00 each

Shipping anywhere in Canada:
$6.00 (1 - 4 spoons)
$8.00 (5 - 11 spoons)
Free (12 or more spoons)

Shipping anywhere in the continental USA:
$7.00 (1 - 4 spoons)
$9.00 (5 - 11 spoons)
Free (12 or more spoons)

International:  Shipments individually quoted