Richard Pikul                                   

Professionally designed, hand crafted turning                                                       


Lace Bobbins    (link to bobbin pages)

"Maple Leaf " style, my own bobbin designs for thread, and can make larger bobbins for those who wish to use knitting yarn to make lace art.
Bobbins are available in different weights for various threads.

"Maple Leaf" style "capture" bobbins for wire lace. The head of this bobbin design does not have wire loops, "O" rings or other aids to hold on to the wire at the tip. I also make a double wire loop bobbin for those who prefer this style.

Lace Making Accessories   (link to accessories page)

Accessories include:
    Unique pin box
    Lace tool holder
    Multi-Tool (crochet hook, pin lifter, pin pusher in one tool)
    Bobbin holders
    Thread clamps
    Pin vise to hold needles for pricking and other needle type tools.

Marudai    (link to Marudai / Tama page)

Designed with two piece hand turned legs. Can be put together to make three table heights;  12" (30cm), 16" (40cm) and 26" (66cm) - without needing to order extra legs.
Entire table is made from hard Maple. Penetrating oil finish standard.

10 inch (25cm) and 12 inch (30cm) mirrors are available.


Adjustable weight design (25 - 90 grams). No need to have multiple sets of different weights for your work.

Larger Tama (100 - 200 grams) available on special order.

Made from hard Maple, penetrating oil finish standard.



Lace Bobbins

Lace Making Tools & Accessories