112mm (4 3/8 inches) long

DH Birch
Silver Birch example shown

        DECORATED BOBBINS:  Any image or text that can be reduced to 3/4" x 3/4" can be added to bobbins.
                                                            Please contact me for suitability before ordering.

DH Decorated Style


DH Decorated Colour

  -  Artwork, when laid flat, maximum size is 19mm x 19mm (3/4" x 3/4")
  -  Decoration artwork must be a minimum of 1,000 pixels in the smallest dimension. This ensures a clear image on the bobbin.
  -  Artwork may be submitted in any of the following formats:  .jpg   .psd   .gif    .bmp   .tif

   Enamel painted stripes can be added to any bobbin.
        Colours available: (all bright, semi-gloss enamel) Red, Blue, Green, White, Black

   Striped Bobbins

        DOUBLE WIND BOBBIN:  118mm (4 5/8" inches) long

    This bobbin, only 1/4" (6mm) longer & 3mm (1/8") thicker than the standard double head bobbin will hold twice as much thread.
    The handle is virtually the same size as the standard bobbin, so works almost the same.
    Available in domestic wood species only.
    Photo shows comparison of the double wind Maple Leaf bobbin with the standard Maple Leaf bobbin.

Double Wind vs std

SINGLE HEAD STANDARD:   108mm (4 1/4 inches) long
        This bobbin also available in 'Binche' length, 100mm (4 inches) long.

SH Black Cherry

        TRAVELER, SINGLE HEAD STYLE: 82mm (3 1/4 inches) long

Note: most of my customers have found that the standard length of the "Maple Leaf" bobbin design is already suitable for use on pillows designed to use 'traveler' bobbins. This model is made to special order only for those who really need the shorter length.

 "CAPTURE" BOBBIN:  wire free tip style;  100mm (~4 inches) long.
                                                Design is excellent for wire, metallic, large or even standard threads.
                                                Excellent for all threads and any wire size up to #24.
                                    NOTE: Available in Sugar Maple, Hawthorn and Hop Hornbeam (Ironwood) only.

Capture Maple

  Design attributes:
                   - Comfortable 'palm' fit when tensioning wire between thumb and index finger (about 10mm shorter than std bobbin).
                   - Internal weight, for better handling and to improve wire tension.
                   - Larger neck diameter to minimize kinking wire.
                   - 'Capture' tip is shaped to hold wire or thread securely without kinks or catches.
                   - Hole through neck for wire 'pass through' to ease winding and allow using wire 'right to the end'.
                   - Can wind wire or thread in either direction without the wire 'slipping' out.
                   - Hawthorn, Ironwood (Hop Hornbeam) and Sugar Maple only at this time.

WIRE LOOP BOBBIN: double wire loop style; 100mm (~ 4 inches) long. Same length and style as the Capture bobbin.
    Double wire loops prevent wire 'escaping', regardless of winding direction.
    Wire thread can be wound in either direction and loop(s) will reliably hold the wire in place.

WireLoop end view     WireLoop side view