MULTI-TOOL: Crochet Hook / Pin Pusher / Pin LIfter   120mm (4 3/4 inches) long
                            Available hook sizes: 0.4mm, 0.7mm


                           Dymondwood burgundy shown

  - Chrome plated steel crochet hook. Each and every hook is inspected and tested before machining and fitting with a handle.
  - Plastic shroud supplied to protect the hook.

  - Pin Pusher / Lifter (left end in photo) is machined specifically for lacemaking pins.
  - Handle is slim at each end, to prevent interference with delicate thread work.
  - 'Flat' on crochet hook end of handle, same side as hook, as a thumb rest and hook position indicator.
  - Handle is shaped for comfort while in use and to prevent finger slip, even when holding gently.

Multi-Tool in use (Thanks to Margaret and Bev on Vancouver Island for this picture)

     MULTI-TOOL MAGNET:   Rare earth magnet with centre hole. Securely holds one or two multi-tools to your pillow.
  - Size: 13mm (1/2 inch) diameter, 3.2mm (1/8 inch) diameter hole, 2.8mm (just under 1/8 inch) thick.
  - Plated steel washer glued to one side to make that side have less 'pull', allowing choice of force needed to hold tools.
  - Will hold any steel shafted tool to your pillow. Note that most stainless steel lace pins are not attracted by magnets.

PIN VISE:  95mm (3 3/4 inches) long  (Add length of inserted 'tool' for overall working length)
                                              Two mechanisms available; Steel (short stem) and Aluminum (long stem)

                                             Steel mechanism in Cocobolo

                                             Aluminum mechanism in dark burgundy Dymondwood


  -  Will securely hold any pin or needle tool. Size range: 0 - 1mm (0 - >1/32 inch).
  -  Use up to 1mm size of needle, pin or other lacemaking tool. When the working end of your tool becomes dull or worn,
       it can be easily replaced. Make your own custom tool tips.

  -  Handle diameter with steel mechanism matches knurled nut diameter, allows for a comfortable grip right down to the end.
  -  Aluminum mechanism is longer and smaller diameter - easier to control if tool is used by holding by mechanism.

  -  "Waist" in handle for secure pushing or pulling action with minimum grip.

  -  Rounded handle end, comfortable, when inside the palm of your hand.
  -  Made using Dymondwood (burgundy) and Cocobolo. Other wood species made to order, see bobbin section for choices.

        PIN BOX:

          Juniper wood shown

  -  Holds 200+ 35mm - 40mm pins, 300+ when filled with 26mm pins)
  -  Interior design shape lines up most of the pins when the box is shaken sideways with the cover on.
  -  Shape of centre post is designed for one finger retrieval of single pins.
  -  A single pin with a small head will securely fasten the box to your pillow.
  -  Cover can be put on the box, even when the box is pinned to your pillow (as long as the pin head is not too large).
  -  Photos above are typical box shape.
  -  Wood grain and colour, or differences in the outside shape, size, finial or decoration make each box unique.
  -  I make these out of the most interesting wood I can find, each is unique in colour and grain.


  -  Attractive and functional shape to ensure tool handles are mostly spread out for easy retrieval.

  -  No big pin sticking out, easy to store holder safely.

  -  Unique and secure mounting method, three standard headed pins will safely hold it to your pillow.

  -  Made out of the most interesting wood I can find, each holder is unique in colour and grain.

   Spalted Sugar Maple shown

150mm (6") long,  15mm (5/8") wide,  3.2mm (1/8") thick.
                                                    Available in Black Cherry (Prunus serotina) only.


  -  Simple tool, nothing really original - but it works.
  -  Shape of end grooves won't let the elastic rope slip.
  -  Rounded end tapered, easy to slip under bobbins.
  -  Two holes for pinning holder to pillow.

  -  Elastic rope is glued through holes - no cumbersome knot on the bottom.
  -  Elastic rope is larger diameter than most other bobbin holders, which results in a better grip on the bobbins.

Candle screen:
    Made of Black Cherry (Prunus serotina) wood. 16" (400mm) tall.
    Finish: polished penetrating oil finish - requires only dusting to clean.
    "Glass" is polycarbonate - will not break during shipping.
    Will display artwork up to 4 1/2" (115mm) tall x 3 7/8" (100mm)wide x 1/8" (3mm)thick.
    "tool free" disassembly of frame allows quick and easy change of displayed artwork.
    Easy and almost invisible way to adjust height of frame.

                                        CandlescreenFront    CandlescreenBack Click on images for full size view

Bobbin hanger for wound bobbins:
    Made of Black Cherry (Prunus serotina) wood. 8" height between hanger pins and top of base.
    Finish; polished penetrating oil finish - requires only dusting to clean. Finish will not stain thread.
    Will hold 48 wound bobbin pairs with good spacing between bobbins. Can hold up to 72 wound bobbin pairs, slightly crowded.
    Top can spin freely or finial can be tightened to hold in place.
    Shipped 'flat' - no tools required to assemble. Can be disassembled for 'flat' storage.
    Top and base have shallow 'wells' to hold small articles.

                           Bobbin Carousel empty                                    Bobbin Carousel loaded    Click on images for full size view

        What kind of lace tool, that I do not make, or does not exist would you like to have?