Richard Pikul                                   

Professionally designed, hand crafted turning                                                       


Marudaiclick on image for full size

10" or 12" mirrors are available. Well formed well for full control of your braiding.

All wood parts are made of hard Maple.
All hardware is plated/coated steel.

Legs are made in two pieces which, when combined make a 26" high table.

When the leg parts are used individually, 16"or even a 12" height table can be made.

Penetrating oil finish, ultra smooth surface.
Assembly / disassembly can be done with a small coin or screwdriver.
Stores easily in a 14" x 14" x 3" (35mm x 35mm x 8mm) bag or box.

Tamaclick on image for full size

Made from the same hard Maple as the Marudai.
Easily taken apart to add or subract weights.
Shaped to hold the maximum length of cord.
Individual weights are 3 grams each.
Bobbin holds a total of 66 grams (22 weights) plus the 'empty' bobbin weight of 25 grams.

Size: 2" x 1.6"  (52mm x 41mm)

Weight: adjustable, 25 grams to 90 grams in 3 gram steps.

No need to purchase multiple sets of different weights for your projects.

Easily taken apart with a small coin to adjust internal weight for your immediate project.


All pricing in Canadian Dollars

10" Marudai                         $ 130.00 each

12" Marudai table               $ 140.00 each

Tama (50 grams)               $ 8.00 each

40 grams of weights           $  1.50

Packaging & Shipping (Parcel Post):

Canada:                                  $ 22.00

Continental USA:                 $ 35.00

Adding Tama to same shipment:
      Per dozen Tama:             $ 4.00
(Tama packed in same
  box as Marudai)

International shipping:
       Each shipment quoted seperately

Shipping by methods other than Parcel Post will be quoted separately.