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Other Products Made

This page lists non lace or spoon related products made.

Indian Clubs:
These Indian Clubs have been designed for high performance, ergonomic handle grip area, pleasing appearance and simple maintenance.
Handle shape fits any size hands comfortably, no knob to bruise the end of your palm when used for extended periods. Does not slip, even when held without a tight grip.
The most portable and affordable upper body exercise equipment one can own.792g Indian Club454g Indian Club
Available in:
1.75 lb (792 grams)
1 lb (454grams) sizes.

Custom weights can be made:
0.75 lb (340 grams) minimum    5 lb (2267 grams) maximum

weight over 1.75 lb (792 grams) have metal weights inserted inside the 792 gram model.

click on images for full size photos

Tool Handles:
Making handles for specific retail customers at this time. Will be introducing models for specific tools in the near future.

Custom Woodturning:
Production quantities:  Length; 36" (900mm) diameter; 5" (130mm)
Small quantities (up to 100pcs):
Length; 36" (900mm) diameter; 12" (300mm)

Custom boxes made
 - For specific jewelry pieces (rings, bracelets etc).
 - Have a beautiful box made from your favourite fallen tree.

I occasionally make bowls, but only when the right tree "falls my way", a commission from someone who wants a memento from a favourite fallen tree or I have some rare spare time.
Two examples shown below.

SHADING GIANT SERIES (This series sold out)

November, 2009:
White Ash (Fraxinux americana) from turned blanks dried for 1 year.
A series of 12 bowls made from one of the largest White Ash trees in our neighbourhood, located in our back yard.
This tree was 1.2metres (45 inches) in diameter at chest height and over 30meters (100 feet) tall. Due to a serious split in the main trunk and extensive carpenter ant infestation, there was no choice but to bring it down before it destroyed someone's home. A team of 5 men brought down the tree safely in August of 2006.
This White Ash tree had a canopy almost 15meters (50 feet) tall. In light rain, one could sit under the tree for up to 15 minutes before the rain made it's way through the canopy.

Bowl 9 Bowl 12click on images for full size photos.
These two bowls show the range of curly / wavy grain and inclusions.

The wood for 11 bowls came from a vertical branch, 3 meters (10 ft) long and 30cm (12 inches) in diameter,15 meters (50 feet) above ground. A slice of trunk at chest height supplied the wood for a large salad bowl, just over 13" in diameter. Many of the series contained branch inclusions - difficult to work with, but results were rewarding. The grain from this tree was wavy and curly which resulted in a beautiful appearance. Bowl photos shown are #'s 9 (81/2" diameter) and 12 (13" diameter) of the series.
Note: an additional 15 bowls (12 - 20 inches) were also made from this tree. As they did not have the dramatic grain as the above, they were not included in the series.

click on image for full size
Yew BowlOctober, 2003: English Yew (Taxus baccata)
20mm (8") diam. x 10cm (4") h, 1/16" wall thickness.
Finish: 20 coats, clear varnish, polished.
Bowl made from damaged 400+ year old English Yew tree, growing in the yard of an English home, originally owned by Samuel Pepys in London, England.  My arborist cousin who removed the damaged branch was asked to have something suitable made as a keepsake. During a visit, he gave me the 'log' and, after preparing it properly for export, I carried it home in my luggage. . .This bowl won third place in a competition and now resides in Samuel Pepys former home in London, England.
A second bowl from the log brought back was also made, same size and shape, without the knot in the rim. It now has a home in Canada.

Custom Woodturning:
Can turn any shape including the addition of holes etc.
Can make to your design, or let us design your product for you!

Contact us for a quote on your requirements.

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Size limitations:
Length: 36" (100cm) 
Diameter: 12" (30cm)

Prices:    (Canadian Dollars)

Indian Clubs:                            $ 75.00 / pair
Dealer inquiries invited

Shipping:      quoted separately