Richard Pikul                                   

Professionally designed, hand crafted turning                                                       


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  • All of my unique designs are copyrighted. If you wish to duplicate for your own use, contact me for permission.


  • All of my unique bobbins and tools have been designed in collaboration with lacemakers. Suggestions for further improvements are always welcomed. Everything I make is designed for pure function in the best looking shape I can incorporate without comprimising ease of use or performance.

  • I would like to thank all of the lace makers who have tested my prototypes, their input has, and hopefully will continue to be, invaluable and appreciated.


      BOBBIN STYLES    (details)

      WOOD SPECIES EXAMPLES    (details)

     LACE PRODUCTS PRICE LIST    (details)

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      - Multi Tool (crochet hook/pin pusher-lifter)

      - Pin Vise

      - Pin Box

      - Tool Caddy

      - Bobbin Holder


        SPOONS & SPATULAS   (details)


These Indian Clubs have been designed for high performance, pleasing appearance and easy maintenance. The most portable and affordable upper body exercise equipment one can own.
Available in 1.75lb (0.792Kg) and 1.0lb (0.454Kg).

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   These are sold by:
   Energia Athletics,

   visit their web page:
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                Hollow forms

     How It's Done

              (Making "Maple Leaf ©" lace bobbins)

                More to come . . . as soon as I find some time . . .






Some photographs are poor quality - will correct this as time permits.

All my work comes with a simple guarantee, if it doesn't work or doesn't suit I will replace the item(s) or accept a return and provide a refund.

All wood used is sourced responsibly.

Spoons and spatulas are only made periodically. If I do not have stock, delivery delays can be expected.

I do not sell my Indian clubs direct, they require support from knowledgeable kinetics instructors and I am just a green user.
Indian clubs are sold via Energia Athletics, see contact information for details.

Boxes made from time to time - also custom made to fit specific articles or use.
Bowls and hollowform artwork is made only when "the right tree" falls my way. . . .