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NEW!     "The Perfect Pin Gauge"
                              easy to use, accurate and made to last a lifetime!

    Design is copyrighted, September 15, 2022
Pin Guage
Measure pin diameters from 0.3mm to 1.25mm
Measure pin lengths up to 75mm

Made of stainless steel for lifetime durability
Credit card size for ease of use

How does it work?
Place the middle of the pin to be measured in the wide area of the slot
Move the pin towards the narrow end of the slot until it stops
Read the pin diameter on the scale
Slide the pin to the larger end of the slot to remove it

Price:   $CA 15.00
     Anywhere in Canada:   $CA 2.00
     Anywhere in the USA: $CA 3.00
     All other countries:       $CA 5.00

To order, simply Emailme or text to +1 416 409 0524
   with your address and telephone number (tel # is for post office contact)

     Payment methods:
            Canada: e-transfer or Paypal
            USA and other countries: Paypal

 Lacemaking   (Link to lacemaking page)

     Lace bobbins:
          Double head bobbins for thread;
              Weighted bobbins (6 & 7 grams) for standard threads
              Light weight bobbins (2 & 3 grams) for fine threads
              'Capture' bobbins (6 grams) for wire
     Lace tools:
         Pin vise
         Pin pusher/lifter
         Multi-tool (crochet hook (0.4mm & 0.7mm) / pin pusher-lifter, )
         Tatter's hook (0.4mm & 0.7mm)
         Bobbin holder: 150mm (6") & 100mm (4")
         Thread clamp: 150mm (6") & 100mm (4")
     Lace pin box:
         Designed to hold over 200 pins, easy to extract pins from inside shape
               Pin box inside shape design copyrighted, September 2012
     Lace tool caddy:
         Pinned to your pillow, will hold several lace tools
     Bobbin carousel:
         Hang up to 72 wound bobbin pairs in a compact space

  Embroidery tools   (Link to embroidery page)
     Laying tools:
         3mm stainless steel shaft (standard)
         5 mm stainless steel shaft (awl)
         1.2mm chrome plated steel shaft (fine)
     Courrone sticks:
         3mm - 12mm stepped
         3mm - 12mm tapered in 1.5mm steps
     Stumpwork tools:
         Half cones:
            sizes: large, medium, tiny, stumpy, dumpy
         Trumpet cones:
            shapes: tapered, bulb
     Broche (for goldwork, couching):
         Sizes; 200mm (7 7/8") long
                    300mm (11 7/8") long
         Size: 60mm x 30mm

  Wooden spoons   (Link to spoons page)

     "Pot Hugger" spoons:
            25cm (10") long
            30cm (12") long
      Oval spoons:
            25cm (10") long
            30cm (12") long

 Marudai braiding table & Tama (bobbins)
(Link to braiding page)

        Two piece legs, customize your table to any of three heights:
            610mm (24") tall
            405mm (16") tall
            305mm (12") tall
        Mirror (Kagami) sizes:
             250mm (10") diameter
             300mm (12") diameter
              25 - 90 grams - adjustable weight

 Knitting/Sewing  (Link to Knitting/Sewing page)

     Knitting / Sewing:
        Sewing needles for knitting
        Darning mushroom

 Custom Woodturning (Link to Custom / Other page)
    Product design and manufacturing
     Contract woodturning