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Links to my favourite web sites


  • Woodturners Guild of Ontario
    I am a member and past president of this local woodturning guild. Visit the web site for woodturning and organization information.
  • American Association of Woodturners
    A worldwide woodturner's organization.
  • Ontario Trees and Shrubs
    Great web site for me - good information about most of the tree species found in Ontario.
  • USDA Plants Database
    Great reference site, easily search by common name or scientific name. Contains detailed taxonomic information for most trees found in North America.
  • Tree Canada
    Organization to promote the planting of trees, particularly in urban areas across Canada.
    (click here) for the page listing domestic Canadian tree species.
  • Tree Identification
    Help in identifying that tree!
  • Forest Stewardship Council, Canada
    Where I find information about where to buy FSC approved wood.
  • Hobbithouse
    A great web site, with good photography. Helps me identify what species that interesting tree by the side of the road really is....
  • Google Search
    Want to see many images (leaves, flower, fruit, branch, trunk) of a specific tree species? Click on "Images" in a Google search window, then enter what you are looking for, click on 'search' - result displays thumbnails of all of the images found. Clicking on the image brings up the web site where it is located.


  • Janice Blair
    Web site includes some of her great coloured work and links to lace organizations, other lacemaker's sites and vendors.
  • Canadian Lacemaker gazette
    Publication includes articles on lace news, lace events patterns and instruction / technique information.


Fun and exercise:


These are links to my favourite web sites.
I use most of them from time to time for research when I'm designing something new and to look around for new ideas.

Will revise these links whenever my web crawling discovers something that's interesting.

The sites are divided into groups;

"Information"  Primarily about tree species, materials, processes and organizations.

"Vendors" Where I buy much of my equipment and supplies. Yes I do frequent other vendors, but these are the places I often recommend to others.

"Lace" Links to sites of interest to lacemakers. Just started this group, if you wish to have a link added, let me know.

"Fun and Exercise" To let you know where I spend my on line 'free time'.