Professionally designed, hand crafted woodturning

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  All embroidery tools, except the Broche, are made from Hard Maple (Acer Saccharum).
  This species selected for it's hard wearing properties and colour that does not compete with most thread colours.
  Penetrating oil finish for all items. This finish will not stain threads.

  Couronne Sticks

  Tapered Couronne, 3mm - 12mm
Couronne, tapered

  Stepped Couronne, 3mm - 12mm in 1.5mm steps
Couronne, stepped

  The most elegant tool for surface goldwork embroidery!
  This design, with a few adjustments, is based on photographs of past and present broche designs.
  Made from American Black Cherry (Prunus serotina).
  Broche is 200mm long. Three points of contact prevents end to end rocking.
  Flats are triangular, eliminating the bothersome side corners found on square goldwork tools.
  The tip slot extends through triangular flats keeping the thread inside the broche envelope.

Laying Tools

  3mm diameter Laying Tool, stainless steel
  Laying tool, 3mm

  5mm diameter Awl / Laying Tool, stainless steel
   Awl / Laying tool, 5mm

   1.2mm diameter Laying Tool
   Laying tool, 1.2mm

 Stumpwork Cones   (photos show relative sizes)

  Half Cone, Large; 45mm x 13mm
Half cone, large

  Half Cone, Medium; 34mm x 10mm                                        (bottom view, common to all half cones)
Half cone, mediumHalf cone, side view

  Half Cone, Tiny; 23mm x 7mm
Half cone, tiny

  Half Cone, Dumpy; 27mm x 12mm
  Half cone, dumpy

  Half Cone, Stumpy; 18mm x 12mm
Half cone, stumpy

  Bulb Trumpet Cone; 29mm x 17mm
Bulb Trumpet cone

  Tapered Trumpet Cone; 40mm x 3mm to 12mm
Tapered trumpet cone

  Linen Carrying Case
   This zippered case can carry the complete set of the embroidery tools shown above, plus some extras.
Carrying Case

Price List: (Canadian dollars)

  Couronne sticks:
    Tapered couronne stick:  $9.00 each
    Stepped couronne stick:  $11.00 each

  Broche:    $29.00 each

  Laying tools:  $15.00 each

  Zippered carrying case: $5.00 each

  Set of all 7 cones:  $60.00

  Zippered carrying case: $5.00 each

  Complete set (7 cones, 2 laying tools of your choice, 2 couronne sticks, 1 carrying case):  $ 99.00

  Shipping by parcel post:

  Anywhere in Canada:
    any number of tools;  $15.00
    Free for purchases over $250.00

  Anywhere in the continental USA:
    any number of tools;  $18.00
    Free for purchases over $250.00

  International shipments quoted individually