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for your Marudai braiding table

TamaFixed weight;  30 - 100 grams
                 Made of Sugar Maple, with a totally wood enclosed steel weight.
                 Shaped to both hold the maximum amount of cording
                      and preventing catching on one another.
          Check them out on the braiding page

Tama, adjustableAdjustable weight;  30 - 100 grams, same size and shape as the fixed weight style
                 One set of Tama; adjust the weights for projects that require different weights.
                 Steel weights in 3 gram steps that can be removed in any number to obtain desired weight.

          Check them out on the braiding page

"The Perfect Pin Gauge"
                              easy to use, accurate and made to last a lifetime!

    Design is copyrighted, September 15, 2022
Pin Guage
Measure pin diameters from 0.3mm to 1.25mm
Measure pin lengths up to 75mm

Made of stainless steel for lifetime durability
Credit card size for ease of use

How does it work?
Place the middle of the pin to be measured in the wide area of the slot
Move the pin towards the narrow end of the slot until it stops
Read the pin diameter on the scale
Slide the pin to the larger end of the slot to remove it

Price:   $CA 15.00 each
     Anywhere in Canada:   $CA 2.00
     Anywhere in the USA: $CA 3.00
     All other countries:       $CA 5.00

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     Payment methods:
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            USA and other countries: Paypal

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