Professionally designed, hand crafted woodturning

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         What's made

  Lacemaking   (Link)
     Lace bobbins for thread lace, 4 sizes and weights
     "Capture" bobbins for wire lace or gimp use, two sizes
     Bobbin holders, 2 sizes
     Thread clamps, 2 sizes
     Pin vise to hold 0.3mm - 1.2mm pricking needles etc
     'Multi - Tool' - crochet hook one end, pin pusher / puller other end
     Lace pin box (holds up to 200 26mm - 40mm pins)
     Lace tool caddy, pinned to pillow to hold various tools
     Bobbin carousel, hang up to 72 wound bobbin pairs

  Embroidery tools   (Link)
     Laying tools; 3mm and 5mm
     Half cones; large, medium, tiny, stumpy, dumpy
     Trumpet cones; tapered, stepped
     Courrone sticks; tapered (3mm - 12mm), stepped (3mm - 12mm in 1.5mm steps)

  Wooden spoons   (Link)
     "Pot Hugger" spoons; 25cm (10") and 30cm (12")
     Oval spoons; 25cm (10") and 30cm (12")

 Marudai braiding table & Tama (bobbins) (Link)
     254mm (10") Marudai  table
     305mm (12") Marudai table

     Adjustable weight Tama

 Other Stuff   (Link)

     Tool handles
     Custom turned boxes
     Indian clubs, Persian meels
     Custom bowls, when the right tree falls my way...

 Custom woodturning   (Link)
     Product design and manufacture
     Contract woodturning
     Replacement spindles for furniture, bannisters etc